Jill Heller Jewelry is a unique jewelry consultancy offering clients a curated collection of contemporary and vintage jewelry. With over a decade’s experience curating one of the most nuanced and directional jewelry collections, Jill has developed an international network of private jewelry holdings that presents clients with rare access to artifacts spanning the globe and over a century of innovative design. The collection features limited-edition pieces as well as signature classics from iconic houses including Cartier, Wander, Tiffany, Belperron, and David Webb, presented alongside one-of-a-kind heirlooms and antiques encompassing a myriad of international aesthetic traditions, including silver work from Morocco and hand-worked gold from India. Jill Heller’s own eponymous label revisits classic forms with a contemporary approach to material and craftsmanship and an irreverent, playful style philosophy. The result is a range of fine jewelry that displays a timeless, distinctive beauty balanced with a charismatic versatility.



Jill Heller is a New York-based stylist and designer of contemporary fine jewelry. An avid traveler with a multifaceted connoisseurship for design excellence, Jill thrives on the thrill of the hunt, seeking the most unique and highly sought after pieces from around the globe. With more than a decade’s experience working with discerning private collectors internationally, her own designs are flavored with a rare versatility and an informed perspective on what makes jewelry enduring, impactful, and spectacularly wearable. Her own designs have received wide global acclaim and have been heralded in international publications including Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, the New York Times Magazine, and elsewhere. Prior to launching Jill Heller Jewelry, Jill served as a fashion editor at Esquire, and has always been actively immersed in the study of contemporary and classic jewelry design, forging connections between contemporary trends and classic, timeless design for both men and women. She regularly collaborates with some of today’s most distinctive and celebrated jewelry brands offering creative consulting services including design research and guidance, strategy and brand positioning, and market trends and placement.


Jill Heller Jewelry offers personalized consultations uniquely tailored to individual clients’ specific desires. Personal appointments offer first viewings of rare pieces and the chance to try on pieces from the collection's archives, as well as the opportunity to commission custom pieces from the Jill Heller collection, and discover rarely seen pieces from Jill’s partnering international collections. Jill also provides one-on-one acquisition advice for both first-time and seasoned jewelry collectors, based on aesthetic taste, style distinctions, and provenance, balancing a finely honed market insight with a style perspective informed by a deep understanding of jewelry in all its forms and expressions.

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